The Heathfield Guide to the World

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The Heathfield Travel Guide to the World

For decades now Heathfield international Summer School has been hosting girls from all over the world who come together to improve their language and communication skills, meet new friends, learn about countries and cultures from every corner of the globe and establish international friendships which can last a lifetime.

At Heathfield, the girls live together, study together, learn together and share their international experiences. They take part in the “One World“ experience that is Heathfield. And, over the years, outside  Heathfield, the girls visit each other in their different countries, expanding their minds, breaking down barriers, opening up inter-cultural communication and understanding.

And with this wealth of international experience, we thought it would be wonderful to put together the “Heathfield Guide to the World”. This is an original blog in which members of the Heathfield International community combine their insight and first-hand knowledge of many different countries around the world and help to open up the world to international, multi-cultural travel.

Following are posts where some of our students have interviewed girls and staff  from Austria, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Thailand and Venezuela – just a sample of almost 40 countries represented at Heathfield this summer.

Venezuela by Veronica

Veronica is from Venezuela and she lives in Caracas which is the capital of Venezuela and she has some great ideas for visiting her beautiful country.

What are the famous places in Venezuela?                                                                       

There is amazing scenery and there are spots for taking photos at the waterfall in Bolivar- Parque Nacional Canaima (most well- known as the Angel Falls), Bridge of Maracaibo and Avila. The Angel Falls in Bolivar is  one of the most amazing places in the world.”

What are the famous food in Venezuela?                                                           

“Arepa, Cachapa, Empanacla, Mandocas, Tostones con queso, pabellon and Patacon. They are really delicious and mouth-watering. For drinks, they have papelon con limon, cocada and chicha andina”

What are the special cultural festivals?                                                                             There is “Los Diablos of Yare; it is a dance that Venezuelans do with costumes and face masks on. We also have our special food to celebrate Christmas when we eat Pan de Jamon and Hallaca.”

What is the best season for tourists to visit Venezuela?                                               

“Ours is a tropical country, the four seasons have similar climates and they are all favourable for travel.”

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Mexico by Carolina

Carolina is from Mexico and she lives in the capital which is Mexico City.

What are some famous foods in Mexico? 

“The national dish of Mexico is tacos; you can  have  them with chicken, meat or pastor. Enchiladas are also one of the  best local foods there. It is a corn tortilla rolled around a filling and covered with a chilli pepper sauce, which is special and delicious.”

What is the traditional costume of Mexico? 

“Some traditional clothes of Mexico are the huipil and sombrero.”

What are the famous places for people to go to in Mexico?

“The best cities  in Mexico are Valle de Bravo, San Miguel do Allende, and Mexico City. And the best place to visit is the Papalote museum which is one of the most famous museums in the country – well worth a visit.”

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Kuwait by Nusayba

Nusayba is a student at Heathfield Summer School and we asked her about Kuwait .

What are the national dishes in Kuwait?                                                                               

The national dish of Kuwait is Machboos which comes with either chicken or meat.

What is the national clothing in Kuwait?

The national clothing for women is jalabia and for men thobe which is for the khaleej as well .

What are the best places to visit in Kuwait?

The best place to visit in Kuwait is a mall called The Avenues, Salmya which is a beach front and much more. The best place to go to with kids is kidzania , sky zone and  aqua park which is a water park .

What is the best season for tourists to visit Kuwait?    

Winter is the best season to visit Kuwait because its not too cold or too hot . Kuwait is also known for its variety of restaurants that are worth a visit .

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Kazakhstan by Arina

Arina is from Kazakhstan.

What is your favourite national food in Kazakhstan?

“My favourite national food in Kazakhstan is Beshbarmak.”

Is there national dress in Kazakhstan?

“Yes, and it is called a saukele.”

Any best place to visit in Kazakhstan?

“Yes ,the best place to visit in Kazakhstan is the mountains in Almaty.”

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Poland by Nina

What is the most famous food in Poland?                                                                       In Poland the traditional dish  is Pierogi; they are like dumplings and you can eat them with anything you want. Bigos is also a traditional food in Poland. This unique combination of cabbage, different meats, sausages, mushrooms and spices cooked for hours is very delicious and filling.

Where should tourist go in Poland?                                                                                          An unmissable experience in Poland is visiting the golden tower. Also, Wawel Castle is a good spot for tourist to go to. There is a sword decorated with symbols and floral patterns, the blade is notched to hold a small shield, giving the sword its nickname, the Jagged Sword. And the craziest thing to do is to go to Energy Land. 

What is the best season to visit Poland?                                                                               

 I believe  the best season to visit Poland is in spring or summer. 

Do you have any special festivals in Poland?                                                                             A special festival in Poland is the orange music festival where many artists from all around the world come to Poland.


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Russia by Natalia

Natalia comes from Russia, where she lives in Moscow.

What is the traditional food in Russia?

Traditional Russian food are pancakes and “Piroshki”. It is a puff pastry which consists of individual-sized baked or fried buns stuffed with a variety of fillings.

What is the traditional clothing in Russia?

Traditional clothes are often long skirts and coats, worn with a big headpiece.

What are the easiest ways to move around in the city?

The easiest ways to move around are by car or train.

What are the unmissable places in Russia?

Unmissable places in Russia are the Red Square and the Kremlin in Moscow, which you can see in the picture below.

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Madrid, Spain by Valeria


Valeria lives in Madrid, which is the capital of Spain. She wants to introduce her home.

What are your favourite foods in Madrid?

“My favourite traditional food is paella and tortilla.”

Any good places for shopping?

“The “Barrio Salamanca” in Madrid’s city centre is a good place for shopping.”

What are the public transport systems in Madrid?

“Scooters or public transportation are great ways to move around in the city.”

Any recommendations for places to visit?

“Scenery that one should definitely see on a visit to Spain are the many beaches.”

Any traditional clothes worn in Madrid?

“Traditional clothes are usually worn and inspired by Flamenco.”

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Sweden by Filippa

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Filippa is from Sweden and she lives in Stockholm, which is the capital of Sweden.

What are the most famous foods in Sweden?

Raggmunk is one of the most famous local dishes in Sweden. Raggmunk is kind of like a Swedish potato pancake that you can eat with lingonberry jam and it also tastes really good. Sweden also has a famous dish that is called Toast Skagen which is a sandwich with a lot of shrimps in a creamy sauce, it’s really good.

What are the famous spots for tourists to visit?

The most famous tourist spot we have is Gamla stan (the old city), which is the old part of Stockholm. There is a lot of things to do there and many museums to visit and it’s a really beautiful place to visit in the summer but also in the winter. We also have a very famous amusement park in Stockholm that is called “Gröna lund”. There are many rides and roller coasters but also games and sometimes concerts are held there.

Are there any famous buildings in Sweden?

In Malmö there is a famous tower called The Turning Torso. It is the tallest building in Scandinavia and it’s about 190 metres tall. Another building that is very famous is the Ericsson Globe. It is an indoor arena building in Stockholm and it is very famous. The building is about 82 metres tall.

What’s the traditional Swedish costume?

In Sweden we have something that is called “folkdräkt”. “Folkdräkten” is a blue and yellow dress with different white flowers at the front.

What is the best season to visit Sweden?

The weather there is favourable in all four seasons. The season that you visit Sweden in depends on what you would like to do. If you want to go skiing then you should of course go there during the winter, but if you want to do more summer activities then you should go there during the summer.



Italy by Agata

Agata  is from Italy, Rome.

What are the best traditional dishes in Italy?

The best traditional dishes in Italy are pasta and pizza.

Are there any famous landmarks in Italy?

Famous landmarks in Italy are the  Colosseum and they have a beautiful cathedral in Milan which you should visit.

What is the best season for tourists to visit Italy? 

The best season to visit Italy is in spring.And for an unmissable experience you should go to the sea and watch the sunset.

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Austria by Hedwig

Hedwig comes from Austria, where she lives near Vienna

What is the most famous food in Austria?                                                                            One of the most famous Austrian dishes is “Wiener Schnitzel” which consists of a thin slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried. A famous dessert is “Sachertorte” ; it is a famous classic Viennese cake. It consists of chocolate sponge cake cut into three layers, between which apricot jam are thickly spread between the layers and on the top and sides of the cake.

Where should tourist go in Austria?                                                                                            A place tourists should definitely visit is the castle Schoenbrunn. There are many attractions spread throughout these grounds: formal gardens; a labyrinth; the Palm House filled with tropical and exotic plants and butterflies; an Alpine garden with a farmhouse; Europe’s oldest zoo; and the Classical Gloriette, a grand marble structure crowning a hill above the gardens.

What’s the traditional costume?                                                                                 Traditional Austrian clothes are a dress called “dirndl” for girls and leather trousers for boys.


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