An amazing experience



By: Wasmiya (Kuwait)

Hey there, I’ve been coming to Heathfield for two years now, and I want to continue coming here. The two summers I have spent here in Heathfield have been amazing and I don’t regret being away from my family. Heathfield was the highlight of my summer this year I had so much fun, met pretty interesting people but even more importantly I made friends for life. When I first came to Heathfield last summer I was very nervous at first but when I arrived the staff here were so nice and they made me feel at home. Heathfield is so safe and you won’t ever be scared at night. Classes at Heathfield are enjoyable and different, activities are fun and I learned a lot of new sports and started playing it in my hometown, I’ve learned a lot of things and became opened minded about a lot of things I learned the culture and traditions of a lot of different countries. In conclusion Heathfield is the best way to spend your summer I’ve had so much fun and I can’t wait to come back next year.

A journey I’ll never forget

By: Eugenia (Argentina)

Have you ever spent a month alone far away from your parents? I had the opportunity to do it this year and it was a remarkable event.

Since I was thirteen years old, I have been dreaming of going to study abroad on my own. At the beginning, I wanted to spend a year studying in an European country such as Germany but it was difficult because I needed to know how to speak German and to be honest I don’t have any idea about the language.

The years past and I did not plan anything, I’ve investigated a lot but I couldn’t decide on a destination. I contacted many companies but I never made a decision. I was about to give up when two friends told me they wanted to do something like me so we started to search together. We found Heathfield and immediately contacted the school.

You may be wondering why I came to an English school if I wanted to go to Germany, well, it has its reason. My father dislikes the idea of me being alone for one year. When he read that summer school lasts just one month he thought it was a better idea. Furthermore, I’ve been studying English for 6 years and I had my FCE so it was the perfect opportunity to put my knowledge in practice and improve it.

I was looking forward to come to Heathflied, my friend and me together, meeting people from all around the world, discovering new places. I must admit I didn’t want to know everything in advance, I preferred to let the things surprise me, to live the whole experience. If you ask people that were around me, they would tell you that my father seemed to be more excited about the trip than I was. He read a lot about the school, England, the places I would be visiting…

The day I arrived, I had everything ready. We were at the airport and the moment to say goodbye had come. There is nothing worse than saying goodbye. The flight was 13 hours and I didn’t sleep even half an hour. When finally my friend and I arrived, people from Heathefield were waiting for us.

To tell the truth it was somewhat uncomfortable, the staff asked us questions and we barely answered them, then the conversation evaporated and we stood in silence while other girls arrived.

We arrived at the school and it was like a maze. The staff showed us our rooms in Wyatt, a separate building, and then we spent the whole day doing activities.

Things here were more different than in my country. You can’t imagine how hard it was for me to get used to the time tables and the way of doing things here.

I started making friends from countries like China, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Japan… it was amazing to know about their culture. I spent a lot of time learning about what they do, about the similarities we had and the differences. Sometimes I found it shocking how some things seem normal to them but feel very weird to me. I found the idea of friendship without borders fascinating.

We traveled a lot, every week we had a full day trip and one afternoon trip to a new place. We visited places like, London, Winchester, Windsor, Oxford, Sea Side Village. For me, the most beautiful place I visited was Oxford.

What I gained at Heathfield



Staying at Heathfield is a memorable and beneficial experience. We have a lot of fun activities that help us develop multiple skills.

First, we learn to socialize with people from all around the world, aging from 7-18. In Heathfield, you can meet around 200 people from all around the world. And through making friends with them, you can train your social skills. You will no longer be shy to meet new people and you can create bonds with others more easily. As the Chinese saying goes, “It’s always easier when you have friends when you are on a trip.”

We also practice speaking English as it is the only language we all have in common. It boosts our confidence and we also improve our English writing skills through writing diaries.

Moreover, through all the different activities you can find new interests for yourself. I’ve tried to do silk painting during my stay and I’ve absolutely enjoyed it. We also went ice skating, where I found out that I had a talent for it. I would definitely consider trying Ice Skating when I go home.

Heathfield really offers a unique and beneficial experience. What are you waiting for? Come and join us!


My first summer at Heathfield


By: Airi (Japan)

My name is Airi. I’m 14 years old and I’m from Japan. I’ve spent 4 weeks at Heathfield Summer School this summer and this is my last week here now.

At Heathfield, all the teachers and staff are very nice and kind and always take care of us. There are a lot of students who have different nationalities, cultures, and religions, but they are all very friendly and we all are trying hard to learn more English. There are so many activities offered by a lot of talented teachers such as cookery, sports, English club, singing and dance, so we can choose what we want to do. We often go on trips as well. From the trip we can learn historical or cultural things, which are very interesting. Trips are one of my favourite activities at this Summer School. We are also given a lot of oppotunities to make more friends, such as the International Show, Quiz Night, House Competitions, and the House Party. In these events, we all have to work together to win or achieve house points, so these events bring us closer.

This is my first year here, but the experiences at Heathfield definitely helped me improve English and communication ability. So I’m pretty sure that I will come back next summer.

What I Love About Heathfield Summer School


By: Rahaf (Saudi Arabia)

Hello everybody, today I would like to talk about Heathfield Summer School and what I love about it by far. The reason that I came here is to learn English and have fun and spend my summer in a good way. Heathfield Summer School therefor the best choice for my family and me since it’s only for girls and safety here is very important.

What I love about Heathfield Summer School is that everybody here is lovely and friendly. There are a lot of girls from all around the world, and together we go on fun trips through the week such as: the city of Winchester, Downland Village, bowling, London, and cinema. My favourite trip was the cinema trip, because we watched a funny movie, and everybody was laughing and having fun. There are so many activities here such as cookery, sports, swimming, arts and crafts.

In my opinion, Heathfield Summer School is a perfect place to spend summer, because there is a lot of nice people that you can hang out with. There are lots of activates to do, as well as fun and educational trips.

Baking fun!


                In Heathfield Summer School and summer camp there are many activities which are all fun and entertaining. Cookery, for example, is one of my favourite activities, you learn how to make delicious pastries such as, cupcakes and biscuits. Also, you can request the recipe of any specific food you have made.

Shortbread Biscuit Recipe:                               

Makes: 12 thick shortbread biscuits

  • 50g caster sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 150g plain flour


Prep: 15min  ›  Cook:15min  ›  Ready in:30min

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4.
  2. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Roll the mixture into a ball. Take off smaller balls, then flatten and place on a parchment-lined baking tray.
  3. Bake for about 15 to 20 minutes, or till lightly golden in colour. Cool on the tray.

Lessons at Heathfield



 By: Yannis and Hosanna (Hong Kong)

In Heathfield, we are divided into class according to our level. We have lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In lessons, we are exposed to different topics with lots of interesting discussion where we can practice our speaking. We are in the class named Kingsleigh. We do all sorts of fun activities.

One of our favourite activities was looking at historical figures in Victorian London for example Jack the Ripper. We were given samples of the letters sent to the police office back in the 19th century and we discussed whether the letter was a hoax or not. We had a chance to become a detective and try to find clues that could support our views on whether the letter was real or not. It was exciting and a brand new experience.

Another activity we enjoyed was writing the Daily Prophet which is the wizarding newspaper in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter. It was an interesting experience for us as we could change the context of Harry Potter and create our own story. Our newspapers were then hung up in the corridor so that everyone could have fun reading them. It was a good chance for us to practice our writing skills and to share our ideas with others.

Superheroes were another topic that we worked on. We were given a chance to create our own Avengers team. My group created “The Super Squad”, which includes three heroes called Nice Nicole, Cleopia and Hopsicana. We all decided our own super power, such as invisibility, element control, mind control, flying … We even drew a comic strip describing the the process of defeating the dragon. It allowed us to be creative and have fun.

Our activities also include our day trips. We did a reality TV show which was set back in the Victorian Era after we visited Weald and Downland Museum. We did a quiz show called   “Horror Monday- Victorian Edition” to introduce Queen Victoria’s life. We then elected the Oscar prize to the best show which included lots of facts in Victorian time and was enjoyable.

The activities in class are diverse, through which we can learn whilst having fun. We have acquired more knowledge through lessons in Heathfield and it’s definitely worth coming.

What makes Heathfield different?


By: Marta (Spain)

  • A mixed nationality course; in Heathfield we have girls from over 30 different countries. When they come here they all mix and learn different cultures and languages. Some of them go to their friends’ countries to spend their holidays with them after spending time together in Heathfield.
  • Variety of activities; in Heathfield we can enjoy a huge variety of activities such as photography, hair and beauty, trampolining and sports. These activities are unique and give us the opportunity of meeting new girls.
  • Summer School and Summer Camp; these are unique courses offering lessons and activities which girls love and form great flourishing and fruitful friendships.
  • Serious study of English; from Monday to Saturday we have lessons where we improve our speaking, writing and listening skills. In the first session of the morning we have normal lessons where we learn grammar and vocabulary… all while we play and enjoy learning it. Whereas in the second session of the morning, after break, we have project lessons, where we make different projects in groups, like blogs, posters etc.

Girls from Summer Camp also improve their English skills but in a different way, all through projects and games.

  • Meeting British girls; if you are in summer camp you have the chance of meeting British girls and enjoy different activities with them.
  • Exciting trips; in Heathfield we explore a lot of places near ascot such as London, Windsor, Oxford and Winchester for example. Not only this, but we also go bowling, to the cinema and ice skating.
  • Beautiful, safe location; we are located in Ascot, a beautiful place surrounded by trees and nature, one hour and a half from London city.
  • Brilliant food from all over the world provided by the catering staff.